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Arcadia has helped brands raise over $250 Million in Web3 and amass a collective $10Billion FDV market capitilization.

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Arcadia manages ALL aspects of Web3 growth. The only growth solution you will ever need.

Community Building

Arcadia manages the day-to-day growth hacking and community building of your Web3 brand.

Control The Narrative

Arcadia's untapped methods allow us to position your brand in a way that accurately refelects the value that its worth.


Arcadia helps clients achieve maximum gains, while creating a sustainable community that is genuinely engaged in your USP.

The easy way to scale your Web3 brand.

Wide range of offers to push the number of possible outcomes only with the help of Arcadia

Profile Visits: 120M
Engagements: 150M
Average Following: 125K
Average Chats /Day: 3,000
Retention Rate: 75%
Average size: 55K+
NFT Sales: $25M+
Royalties: $15M+
Web3 SAAS: $5M+ Web3
Top Venture Firms
Venture Backed Marketing
Funding Assistance
Success Rate: 95%+
Average Client Revenue: $1.5Million
Average secondary market volume: 2,000+ ETH
Premier Web3 IPs
Exclusive Web3 Launchpads
World Recognized Brands

Experience skyrocketing statistics at Arcadia.

Arcadia lets you discover all the possible areas in web 3 marketing. We are committed to provide the excellence to each of your requirements

100+ Case Studies

Become a premier Web3 IP.

Would being a founder be easier if community growth was on autopilot?

Our simple strategies have helped prominent Web3 IPs raise tens of millions, will you be next?

Got questions? We’ve got you covered!

How much does it cost?
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Arcadia strives to be the industry leader in our “non-transactional” approach. In our attempt to seamlessly integrate as “partners” rather than a third-party entity, ALL of our engagements are custom on a per-client basis.

How many projects does Arcadia work with?
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We limit our client portfolio to 7 projects at once. Availability is coordinated with our extensive vetting processes, existing clients, and team bandwidth.

What type of projects does Arcadia work with?
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Arcadia loves to help ALL Web3 brands build communities and engage an ever-changing Web3 demographic. We specialize in assisting Web2 IPs transition into Web3, blockchain games, and traditional NFT projects.

What services does Arcadia offer?
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We provide “end-to-end” marketing services that encapsulate ALL aspects of a Web3 brand's day-to-day PR to ensure a successful and lucrative marketing campaign.

How big is the Arcadia Team?
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Our core team comprises 25 of Web3’s most talented and well-connected individuals in the space. Cumulatively responsible for hundreds of millions generated for clients. Our network reigns vast hundreds of projects, influencers, and narrative-controlling outlets.